Lost your phone? Here’s how to keep your WhatsApp account safe

New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: Losing your phone is not just an unpleasant experience but it makes one worried about the important and personal details which are stored in your handset. A lot of people use Whatsapp as one of their primary apps these days, and they get confused and wonder about what to do in case of their phone being stolen since one cannot deactivate the app remotely. So, here we are with a few steps rolled out by Whatsapp on how to keep your account safe when your phone is broken, stolen or lost.

Step 1: Get your SIM locked

The very first step here is to lock your SIM card which can be easily done by calling up the customer care number of your telecom operator. One the SIM is locked, your Whatsapp will automatically stop working as there will be no facility of verification code being sent through SMS.

Step 2: Either insert a new SIM of the same number or deactivate Whatsapp

Once you are done locking the SIM, there are two options to look forward to in the next step. You either can activate your Whatsapp account by having a new phone and inserting a new SIM card of the same number, or you can deactivate the WhatsApp account.

Step 3: How to deactivate Whatsapp?

If you have decided to deactivate your Whatsapp, you may need to mail Lost / Stolen. The mail should be like ‘Please deactivate my account and email on Whatsapp. In the email, you must write your phone number in the international format which is adding the country code in the suffix. For eg, India’s country code is +91, so you will have to mention this before your number. Once you are done with the process, your contacts might not be able to see your profile photo and the messages which they will send can remain pending for 30 days.

Meanwhile, if one restarts their account on the new phone, the pending messages from your contacts will be delivered at that time. Also, you will even remain in all the group chats. On the other hand, if the user fails to activate their Whatsapp handle then their account will be properly deleted within 30 days.

Just keep in mind to follow the whole process and not just lock your sim because, by locking the SIM, the services of your telecom operator will be stopped but the Whatsapp may continue. The app can easily be used with WiFi if not deactivated.