LIC Policy: An investment of 1,302 will become 28 lakh rupees! Know full details here

LIC Policy: LIC has brought a special policy for its customers. Whose name is Jeevan Umang Policy. People from the age of 3 months to 55 years can take advantage of this. This policy provides cover till the age of 100 years.

Recently LIC has brought a similar policy for its customers, under which investing Rs 1,302 every month will get Rs 63 lakh. The name of this policy is Jeevan Umang Policy. A life-free policy without market risk covers up to 100 years.

Lump sum on maturity with life cover with life cover

This is an endowment plan. In this, you get a lump sum on maturity along with life cover. The special thing is that people from the age of 3 months to 55 years will be able to take advantage of this scheme. In this, you are covered for 100 years, and after the death of the policy holder, a lump sum is given to his family or nominee.

Get annual returns throughout your life

The premium paying term in this policy is 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. If you have finished the entire premium of the policy on time, then the policy holder is given a minimum amount with a guarantee. That is, you will continue to get returns after paying the entire installment, which is 8 percent of the insurance annually.

Rs 1,302 will be 28 lakhs (Rs 1,302 will be 28 lakhs)

Under the Jeevan Umang policy, if you invest Rs 1,302 a month, then your annual investment will be Rs 15,298. In such a situation, if you choose the premium paying term for 30 years, then the investment amount will be Rs 4,58,940. After this, from the 31st year, you will start getting a return of 40 thousand rupees annually. In this way, if you take the return till the age of 100 years, then this amount will increase to 28 lakhs. That is, you will benefit about 23 lakh 41 thousand rupees. At the same time, if the customer turns 101, then he will get 62.95 lakh rupees separately.